The Sun: Watercolour & Gold Leaf 5cm x 5cm


cropped-beautiful-sun-5x5cm.jpgThis painting is a celebration of Sun. I was playing with the lines to give an impression of energy and a swirling movement to the sun. It was used for the private view card to the 2016 Summer Exhibition at the former Silk Top Hat Gallery in Ludlow. It is now in the possession of Jill Howorth’s brother, David and his wife Linda at their beautiful home near Bridgenorth, complete with peacocks! Jill was fond of this painting and photographed  me with it for a news item about the gallery that year. I gave it to David and Linda after she died – to me it seemed the right thing to do – the best home…

Photograph: Jill Howorth – Summer 2016 outside Silk Top Hat Gallery.